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Our mission is not to provide a bed, food and services, but to give you a Unique Experience.

We believe in the importance of human relationships, the connections between people with similar values, the dedicated and professional service with the aim to make your magical and unforgettable holiday.

We want to create a bridge between our world and yours, so that you can fully enjoy, through the 5 senses, the extraordinary and profound beauty of this island, the main pearl of the Tuscan sea, and its most authentic and wild nature. 

The street:

In order to enjoy the wonderful view of the true nature, and 'exclusivity of experience for very few people, to get to the entrance gate of the Relais, about 6 minutes drive along the dirt road with breathtaking views fully serviced and passable by any car. Available to those who request it, we offer a personalized service with car of the Relais.

The rooms:

To follow our philosophy of pure relaxation and connection with self and nature, during this experience, your flat screen television will be the view of the Gulf of cable, and your fridge, the staff. Nevertheless, you will enjoy free and the wifi in every area adjacent to the main building entrance. animals: Although we are animal lovers, they will be allowed only on request consistent with the needs of the other guests.


Children under 14 years can stay on request consistent with the needs of the other guests.


In order to consider the reservation must be paid a deposit of 25% of the total of the stay, and the rest 15 days before your arrival.

Please provide the full names of both the guests prior to arrival.

To provide the best possible service we recommend to schedule a Skype call or phone call prior to your arrival.

Contact us @: 

Silvia +39 3887373010

or send us your details to be contacted by the staff.

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