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Il Termine it's  the first  "Sea fishing LODGE " in Italy and in Europe, a real philosophy of conceiving the free fishing time ..

Near the coast there are very interesting "spots",with plenty of fish, yet also Corsica, Capraia, Pianosa or the shallows of Montecristo are easily accessible;

The Island, for its geography, always offers a protected corner, allowing you to fish even in bad weather times. The are numerous and vary fish spices, accordingly to the season.

The wide range of action of the fast and secure fishermans will also allow you to fish far away on little known spots or on legendary banks.

The fishing equipment are all of the highest quality. The Elba Island is located in a strategic position at the center of the Tuscan archipelago, hold between Sardinia and Corsica, a geographical location that makes it a reference point for the migration routes of big pelagic and cetaceans. These waters, thanks to the morphology of the seabed and to a particular game of currents, enjoy a constant presence of plankton and other marine microorganisms which attract a large amount of forage fish and consequently of predators, present throughout the year.


The guides, great fishing experts and champions of this sport, deep knowers of techniques and fishing spots,will put at your disposal their great skills and knowledge, to let you experience a unique adventures and to transfer a part of that cultural baggage also made of tricks and malice acquired only through years of experience; In this regard, the learning of the techniques will also have sessions on " solid ground"  where, in addition to the fishing systems,you will learn about the equipment,  the sea, the electronic instrumentation and navigation techniques.



Born in 1963, Owner of Il Termine.

Testimonial of Tubertini company, experienced fisherman, diver and great connoisseur of the island and of its deepest secrets, specialist in all the techniques of fishing and light lifting, fisherman in these waters for many years and Treasurer of numerous spots, many of them unknown and very full of fish, lives on Elba Island constantly in contact with the sea and its habitat.



Born in 1962, fishing tutor, testimonial and collaborator of the company Colmic in research and developement,Skipper drifting Italian champion for Tuna 2007, author of technical articles in the magazine Pianeta Pesca Mare, is a specialist for trolling techniques with live bait in Snapper and Amberjack and lifting Technique for bluefin Tuna.


Born in 1973 Father Elbano always lived in Elba, Rio Marina. Passionate about ichthyology, with a Degree in Agricultural Sciences and an address in aquaculture. Collaborator and tester for the Spinning technique in sea of ​​well-known companies in the industry. Connoisseur of the waters around Elba and the Tuscany coast practice is spinning from the shore or from a boat and got caught in the "home waters" virtually all insidiabili species with lures.


IL TERMINE  has n.4 fishermans extremely fast, comfortable
and unsinkable with which it is possible to reach fishing spots in
the shortest time possible and with the maximum sicuruty.
Starting from 2018 fishing lovers will have a new boat, cabin cruiser Rampage 34  and perfect for long fishing safaris from sunrise to sunset, or for fishing cruises of more than a day, but also for traditional fishing experiences the squid at sundown, with an aperitif. This year we will be able to satisfy those who want an adventure as comfortable and with more services!

n.3: Ghibly. 
EDGE WATER 268 CC 2 X 250 cv e motore traina 9,9 cv
n.1: American.  (OFFSHORE)
EDGE WATER 265 CC 2 x 250 cv e motore traina 9,9 cv
n.2: Ciucciapalline 
EDGE WATER 268 CC 2 X 250 cv e motore traina 9,9 cv
n.4: Boston Whaler
pesca spinning 17,  Dawntless





from July to December drifting and trolling


tunny all year trolling spinning vertical jigging


May-June trolling at night


all year trolling with live bait and jigging


all year trolling with live bait, bolentino October November December


all year light drifting, spinning Tanuta November to May bolentino


November to June bottom fishing, light jigging


all year deep bottom fishing


all year deep bottom fishing


November to May spinning


all year spinning


July to December spinning


all year trolling, spinning


maggio-November-spinning, trolling, light drifting


September February by boat and spinning from the shore

... continue the journey ...

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